This cartoon is about how special lectures are usually organized at academic conferences and universities. Academic conferences usually invite chief editors of foreign SCI academic journal. Universities usually invite persons in charge of their foundation or the head of the jury. We try to get to know them by having a meal together after the lecture. We make influential figures our allies by asking for them to give a lecture.

You should deliberately verify whether the spectators are actually enjoying the presentation or feeling bored. They usually clap because they are happy the presentation ended. You¡¯d feel better if you don¡¯t try to figure out why people are clapping you finish your presentation.

¡®The results are what shows information, and the discussion is what the information means.¡¯ ¡®The results are equal to the materials and methods, and the discussion is equal to the introduction.¡¯ I think this saying is also related to the latitude and longitude in this cartoon.

In the past, the environment was not as harsh as it is now. It was not a big deal to live without a research fund, and an academic paper and to lack appreciation from students. Therefore, scientists were not narrow-minded, and they could conduct their studies as they wanted to while keeping their dignity. Scientists who bore their romantic ideals at that time might be a real scientist.

International academic conferences usually gives business class plane tickets to the first class scientists. But, they prefer receiving the plane ticket in cash. Because they can keep the leftover money after they purchase economy class tickets. In addition, if they purchase second or third class tickets, they can have a whole provided money for the ticket. This is the way to make scientists happier with the same amount of money.

Money and power are almost nothing compared to honor. Money and power are temporary like a bubble, but honor is everlasting even after death. However, honor can be fulfilled by the support of money and power. Therefore, we can say that it is natural that our purpose shifts from money power and then to honor.

On the other hand, undergraduate students prefer a scientist who is careless about his lab to one who is careful about his lab. They consider their TV star professor as a hero, and finally they decide to become a graduate student of their professor¡¯s lab. Maybe, nowadays people think that a grasshopper is better than an ant.

Some scientists spend lots of their time for the 10 minute presentation at the academic conference. So to speak, memorizing the whole presentation script. They are scientists seeking the spirit of ¡®one for all¡¯. Meanwhile, some scientists have poor presentation, poor answers to the questions, and poor attitudes. They are scientists seeking the spirit of ¡®all for one¡¯.

In reality, I didn¡¯t study wine, and I didn¡¯t learn to play golf. Because of that, I was able to save my money and time. I don¡¯t need to do that since others do, and I don¡¯t need to know it since others know. Sometimes, not doing and not knowing is a strength.

Even though you are not a scientist and not writing a book, you should be immature to show your originality so that you can spread it. So to speak, you can share knowledge and experience about your hobby, and post on the social network world. Then, you can give great help to someone. It means that sometimes it is better to revert back to a pure childhood.

I am a scientist, not a poet. I think with complexity, but I always try to find a way to say and write these thoughts in easy terms. In other words, I put myself on the edge of the cliff, but I try to make others feel comfortable. So to speak, I conduct difficult experiments, but try to write the paper in an easy way. I think this is how scientists should act.

I understand whispering to their neighbor for a second while listening to the presentation at an academic conference. But I don¡¯t understand the constant whispering to their neighbor. In the same sense, I also understand leaving the room because of a phone call while listening to the presentation. But I don¡¯t understand whispering into their phone as long as they want to. They don¡¯t feel sorry about it.

Music is the same as this. A symphony is considered as an experts¡¯ music, and pop music is considered as a masses¡¯ music. Experts and Masses both think that ¡®I don¡¯t know it well, or it seems like rubbish, but let¡¯s allow it¡¯. We should allow things that we don¡¯t like. It is fortunate that listening to music several times makes us accustomed to it whether it is a symphony or a pop music.

Professors who are paid a body of research funds have large fancy lab. But I think they are unfortunate in some ways. It is because they experience difficulties in caring for each of students and spending times for themselves. Students must know that there are things that should not be judged by its appearance when they choose a lab.

Unlike a cartoon, an editor-in-chief has to deal with harsh things. If the contributor and judge have different opinions, then it is a chief editor who must make a decision. This means that they must reject the wrong judgement or the wrong argument. To do that, they must read the contributed papers, the contents of judgements, and the arguments carefully. While doing that, they must also increase the good refutation and the citation index of their journal.

Please don¡¯t misjudge this cartoon which generalize the conduction of science research a lot. It is okay to change our field of research to follow other scientists. But what I want to say is that you¡¯d better not change your field around several times. A scientist can use only one method of research. But what I mean is that sometimes it is better to think about other method of research.

Actually, the words ¡®edible, hearable, visible, and readable¡¯ are not quite decent terms. It means that we should not use these words in front of the person they concern, and we should only use when they are not present. We must try our best to prevent someone from saying these words in a situation where we are not present .

Korea also has a number of mountains, so many people say that we should construct cable cars in the mountains to enforce our tourism. It is hard to make a decision to either develop or maintain the mountains, though. The easiest decision to make is to develop the DMZ in the ceasefire line to change it into a fascinating tourist attraction. Tourism also requires the ability to change a disadvantage into a advantage.

Some journals write only 6 (or 3) authors in the reference, and write the others as et al. Then some of the corresponding authors might be ignored. This is because a corresponding author is usually the last author.

To give a talk in an academic conference and to contribute a paper to an academic journal is regarded as a benefit for the speaker and author. That is the rationale for them to pay money. But these academic activities are not only for the speaker and author but also for the listeners and readers. This is confusing for me.

In some cases, scientists stop the researches that they began. Surely they cannot write a paper about it. It is pitiful because there might be irresistible reasons. To prevent this kind of case, scientists should begin their research deliberately.

Artists also need to eat and feel comfortable to create their artworks. However, in reality, many artists are deprived of financial support. I also earn much more money by my science research than by my cartoons.

As an experiment, my comic strips were put beside the exhibits in a science museum in Korea, and people who visited there liked it. I also wrote a paper about it in English and had a presentation about it. Chung BS, Park EM, Kim SH, Cho SK, Chung MS: Comic strips to accompany science museum exhibits. J Educ Learn 5: 141?146, 2016.

While drawing this cartoon, I understood once again that the saying ¡®Knowledge is power¡¯ fits science well. I think the sayings ¡®Knowledge is money¡¯, and ¡®Knowledge is attraction¡¯ also fit science well. Science compensates the person who endeavors to study it.

If an academic conference is a main street, then a lab where a scientist usually conducts their research is a rural area. This is because they just work silently without getting along with the people in their lab. When the scientist who only stayed at his lab goes to a conference, he sometimes looks like a hillbilly.

We can explain this cartoon in a different way. There is a difference between men and women when they pay money, but there is no difference between them when they earn money. In other words, men and women have a difference when they are not tensed, but they have no difference when they are tensed. We might call it ethics.

Chemical formulas, math formulas and flow charts are the things that make complicating contents simple and easy to see. Therefore, scientists who get accustomed to these formulas don¡¯t feel any difficulties. However, it is natural for those who are not scientists to feel confused about these formulas.

This cartoon means that a professor who compliments or scolds the students can tell that they did a good or bad job. On the contrary, a professor who doesn¡¯t compliment or scold students cannot tell whether they did a good or bad job.

One should be assessed well at an academic conference. Therefore, I tend to not give opportunities to a student who is less prepared. When I was preparing for my master¡¯s course, I was also not given an opportunity to give a presentation by my advisor professor since I was less prepared. I wish students not to experience what I did.

Same as the result of paper. / It looks like idle research when the result is concise. But writing as concise as possible is still better. This is because the chief editor, the judges, and readers of the paper all prefer concise papers.

Scientists had better stick to their own method. However, they can also use diverse types of methods to figure out one thing. I consider diverse methods as the tilted ground in the first frame of the cartoon. Diverse methods and a step-like ground can be considered as disadvantages, but I think they are advantages.

Most calendars are written as ¡®Sun Mon Tues Wed Thu Fri Sat¡¯, so the Saturday is the end of the week, and the Sunday is the beginning of the week. I wonder if it should be classified so rigidly.

I usually put exclamation marks in the dialogue between authors in the paper. For example, ¡®Do you agree with this statement!¡¯, ¡®Yes!¡¯ Exclamation marks are not in the paper. Therefore, I can easily search the dialogue later, and can find it easily when I want to erase it.

America also doesn¡¯t put .am (or .us) in website addresses. While Korea puts .co and .kr, America just put .com. / I can¡¯t help it because it is America who first made the website address system, though.

This cartoon reveals the fact that you should be diligent during the postdoctoral course. People who are in their postdoctoral course are usually in their thirties, and they have a sound body and sound mind at this age. Moreover, they are free from the cycle of degree. Thus, they should diligently read papers and conduct researches at this period.

A number of people say that they were in an unfortunate era. For instance, they say that they struggled to serve their seniors, but their juniors don¡¯t serve them. However, I think it depends on the way of thinking. I try to think as positively as I possibly can, and that is why I drew this cartoon.

It is definitely not easy to live like this cartoon after retirement. Surely, I should prepare for it before my retirement. In my case, my cartoon is a preparation for my retirement. If my plan for the book, media, and lecture does not go as planned, then I will push ahead my plan B and C. I do prepare for my retirement sincerely.

I think about my future researches a lot when the presentation and the poster in the conference are not enjoyable. It is a good chance to think carefully. I feel both sorry and thankful for the scientist who presents boring presentations and posters.

The aid of senior scientists is a big thing in a science study. Juniors take on their senior¡¯s attitude as well as their research contents. Therefore, juniors should not be stingy about paying compliments to their seniors. How about choosing among the four examples in this cartoon?