I experienced such a thing. I thought for me to help a scientist, so did the scientist. After noticing his thought, I can obtain neither profit nor reason. So I finished the relationship with him and decided not to exchange any more. Relationship requires feeling lack from one side at least.

Actually it is not quite true that Parasite eradicating association was terminated. It changed to Korea Association of Health Promotion and it was developed. In the cartoon I used a slightly wrongful term in order to be more dramatic. I wish parasitologists will understand.

Graduate students should be good to secretary who helps professors. I can get a valuable information. For example if I ask "What is the professor's mood like today?', than they answer me with shiny, or cloudy. These small information is important to graduate students. Like this students are pitiful beings. We endure with a thought of graduating the life of lowly life once we graduate.

To a graduate student, professors are like parents, and colleagues are like rivals. Like this colleagues are not too close with each other, and often becomes enemies. It is true that I do not feel so good when a colleague does a good job. On the other hand, it is a pity to see colleagues getting scolded by professors, but it relieves me at the same time. This desolate environment of lab is for the competitiveness of students. If friendship or love develops within this environment, that would be more strange.

When my son was a baby, I wish him to grow, and when he became an adult, I wish him to be a baby again. A nonsense thought, but I wish my son to be a baby for a week, and an adult for another week. This is impossible, so I want to see my grandson. If I see my grandson, I can remember the times when my son was a baby. On top of that, I have time and money to spare, so I can be a good grandfather. This is my story.

I have an experience of giving a lecture to kids. What scares me are the parents who came with their kids. They want me not only to look cool, but also look magnificent. They think then I can give positive influence to kids. I am not a great person, but I have to pretend to be. Lecture is a show that does not show your true self.

When writing a discussion in an article, we should distinguish the ally from the enemy. The ally is other researches that support yours, and the enemy is other researches that are against yours. In discussions, it is important to handle skillfully both the ally and the enemy. In most cases, we compliment the ally to an adequate level and criticize the enemy that much.

When I was a middle school student I learned BC was the abbreviation of ¡®Before Christ¡¯. So I assumed the A in AD meant ¡®After¡¯. Later I found out, AD was in Latin Anno (After) Domini (Lord). If I draw this in my comic book I would title it ¡®The ABC misunderstanding¡¯

Scientists and soldiers have another thing in common. Scientists and soldiers don¡¯t go along well with democracy. Officers give orders to soldiers like professors do so to graduate students. Of course professor and students can debate each other. However, the final decision is made by the professor. Democracy is a good thing but not always is a useful thing.

During symposium for academic discussion, scientists cannot drink alcohol. Instead, they are able to drink water because symposium means drinking together.

A lot of times in my neighborhood, I have eaten in the near restaurants but never slept in a nearby hotel. No reason to leave my own bed at home and sleep in a hotel. Therefore sometimes I am curious about the hotels nearby. To find out, I send my guest to stay at the hotel.

When I was a graduate student I always hung out with my research lab colleagues at conferences. It is a strategy for the professors to show others the power of their lab. They thought the number of graduate students seen by others will prove them superior. How foolish it was.

In meeting with many people, while exchanging the name cards, the situation like in the cartoons can happen. However, these mistakes should be avoided. Therefore, you should sort out the irrelevant name cards and put them in places hard to reach.

In the second box, the wife will be under the impression that she is inferior to the other woman. What is good in hurting your wife¡¯s pride? In the fourth box, the editor-in-chief will think that his/her journal is not as good as other journals. What is good in hurting the pride of the editor-in-chief? The pride is important for everyone.

It is drawn in the comics that the business of a scientist is very easy. In reality, it is not. How can a business possibly be easy? Therefore, I respect scientist that have successful businesses. These scientists can actually teach their bachelor and graduate students useful education and you can¡¯t blame them for not writing enough articles.

Nowadays the fee for an international conference is 500 or 1000 dollars. It is not a small amount of money. Part of this fee is used for special scientist lecturers. Even if those lecturers already have enough funding, and don¡¯t need the money. Like this, when you attend a conference you can see the reality of rich-get-richer and the poor-get-poorer.

The two equations are logical in either adding or subtracting. This is called axiom in math, thus the proposition without proof. Also, I handled many terms in math such as proposition, inverse, converse, and contraposition. I had to look it up again because I forgot the entire math from high school.

When I teach my students to write an article, I make them write the materials and methods first. Then they write the results, followed by the introduction and discussion. The materials and methods part does not vary much depending on the writer, whereas the introduction and discussion part can be quite different. Of course the more experience you have, the better you can write. The students should learn from the professor how to write an article.

Prism is a glass that gives refraction of light. The Red light has the longest wavelength so less bends, Purple light has a short wavelength it bends a lot. That is why the red is on the top and the purple is on the bottom.

Suppose a university is filming a promotion video for a research center. They would film the scientists conducting an experiment, not the scientists working on articles. This is maybe because experiments and researches would make you look hardworking. And some believe that writing articles make you look sluggish, even though this is actually the trickier.

Scientist doesn¡¯t always have to write political issues and president¡¯s speech. It is healthier if the scientist is not affected by the move of social environment. Thus you might not be in the best position now but later in the future you will earn great profit.

Sometimes in an elevator people ask me how I am doing. When I am not in a good mood, I reply, ¡°Ask precisely what you want to know. In terms of what? Education, research, or something else?¡± When you meet someone in an elevator, make questions short and/or precise.

In this case, if the girl student had shown appreciation in some way I would not have made that decision. The moral of this comic strip is not gender equality but to always be prepared to say sorry and thank you.

Science does not need to be wrapped up pretty or shown inside out. For elementary students it is good to give a fantasy of science so they have dreams of becoming a scientist. For college students, it is good to show the reality of science and who them how hard it is to be a scientist. To sum it up, it means speak creativity, competitiveness to elementary students and effort, competitiveness to college students.

There is a saying between scientists. You need to fail the research proposal many times to be accepted. When you are rejected, look into the proposal that has been accepted over yours. Then you would be able to learn why your proposal failed. Entering your proposal is much efficient then not at all.

In the comics I mentioned that soccer games and research proposal is the same. However they are also different to each other. You do not gain anything from cheering on the winning team. Only the happiness is what you gain. However, if you get the proposal then you earn a grant. Thus, proposal is more important than soccer games.

A similar situation happened at the university. The child of the professor enrolls into the same university. Then that professor should be in good relationships with other fellow professors. The children of these professors are helping out their parents with the scholarship but not helping out with taking caution of relationships.

When you save money you become healthier because you eat less and walk more. However, if you save too much you can¡¯t afford a science research. Don¡¯t save up money on graduate students either. We need man power to research. Science research is like a monster eating money.

If the graduate student is too close to the professor the student can burn and if too far they can freeze. They need to maintain a fair distance while going their own way. The centrifugal force and gravity must make a balance. It is the same in other relationships. Such as friendship, too close or too far makes problems.

In reality, I eat more when I am eating a course meal. Because of the uncertainty of the food coming next, I first eat everything in front of me. Sometimes, I would stupidly eat even the tasteless meals that I cannot eat the tasty meals that come later on. In my case, I prefer restaurants that give you all the dishes at the same time. Then I can set up a strategy in eating so I am full and eat only the tasty dishes.

While I was visiting India I was scammed. I took a taxi after getting off from the airport bus nearby my hotel. The taxi driver was the scammer. He warned me to watch out for scammers and later he ripped me off 150 dollars worth. Scammers are everywhere in every country. You always have to be careful wherever you go.

In teaching your students, changing your plans often may harm your authority. Suppose a student asks you to postpone the test date for no reason. If you accept it, it will be hard for you to decline next time. Therefore, don¡¯t move your test dates, except for the cases of natural disasters. Sometimes you need to stand up for your authority.

Jokes are fine to hear repeatedly because it gives different feelings depending on the situation and atmosphere every time. It is actually interesting if you study how the jokes are told differently and how the responses differ.

As shown in the third box of the comics, it is not easy to earn foreign money by publishing an English book. In my case, I submitted a book proposal of my comic book in English to a big American publisher and it was rejected. So I partnered with a Korean publishing company and we published English comic books. However we don¡¯t have much success in exporting the books. Nonetheless, I will not give up and I will keep on trying. The harder to succeed, the more I am motivated.

The easier version of ¡®summer solstice¡¯ is ¡®longest day¡¯ and for ¡®winter solstice¡¯ it is ¡®longest night¡¯. Isn¡¯t easy English better? Helsinki¡¯s summer solstice is a wonder to watch. So touring in that season is price-high. However, it is worth it.

¡®All-or-none¡¯ is an important law in electric physiology. Electric physiologists explain this concept using examples like flushing in a toilet. This is where I got the idea of drawing these comics. The all-or-none law is found in many places around us. For example, after we have lunch (dinner) together, I either pay all or none.

The comics I draw may have a low quality but I draw a lot, which makes them valuable. Not all comics can be fun. If 1 out of 3 is funny, it is not bad as a batting average. The more I draw, the more possibilities I make my readers laugh. Like this, sometimes the quantity matters.

The happiest moment in a conference is when the response from the audience is good. Scientists research hard for that moment of victory. Moreover, there are conferences that award the best presenter. Scientists can gain both justification and benefits in this kind of conference.

To go by the standard of the metric system, use multiple units of 1,000. Korea, China, and Japan uses units of 10,000 which is uncomfortable, but we need to get used to the metric system.

Let¡¯s say the conference is held for two days. It is torture for scientist who has presentations on both days. On the first night, you are forced to drink with the attendees and they threaten you by saying if you don¡¯t drink they will ask hard questions on your presentation. It is not pleasant for the scientist who has presentations on the second day. This is the ecology of scientists.

A scientist expects other scientists to read his or her article. In order for this to happen, the title is very important. One way of writing an attractive title is making it neat and concise. For example, there are titles that start with ¡®Research on¡¦¡¯ This is unnecessary because all articles are based on researches. Therefore you can leave out the ¡®Research on¡¯.

In the last comic box, I became a person with no judgment and a lot of patience. This means that if you are not smart you should have patience. It is a good trait for a scientist, because it does not affect the research in a bad way.

When making calls, it is manners to disclose who you are. Then you ask if this is a good time to call. In the case the person on the other end is driving, or in a public transportation. ¡®Hello this is *** calling, is this a good time to call?¡¯ is a must say calling manner.

In the case of e-mails, it is good manners to make it quick and less complicated. Usually the one visiting has limited time, but the person waiting is always free. Therefore the person visiting should suggest the date and time first. Another manner in e-mail writing is tagging the past e-mails. It will make it easier to understand the flow of the communication. There are not many people who know these manners.

When you make a small mistake you say ¡®I am sorry¡¯, big mistakes you say ¡®I apologize¡¯. Sorry and apologize have adequate uses.

There is a reason politician and scientist tries to be mutual. When they lean to only one side, they are easily attacked and blocked in making new connections. Not only for scientist and politician but also for normal people it is more productive to be mutual.

When people are asked the question ¡®What do you want?¡¯, they usually answer positively and less negatively. If you start talking positively there is less whining. This is the merit of the question.

There are times when my research grant proposal gets accepted when I am least expecting it because I did not put a lot of efforts in the article. They say ¡®Spirit 7 luck 3¡¯ at these times. Oppositely, I put a lot of effort and my expectations are high but I get refused in other times. At these times they say ¡®Luck 7 spirit 3¡¯. If you use these expressions adequately, it will be good for your mental health.

A research is a process of verifying a hypothesis. The process includes the materials & methods and the results. Like this, a hypothesis and a result are two different terms. However, if you are confused and use a hypothesis as if it is a result, the article turns into a novel. It is the moment when a scientist changes to a swindler.

Dean and director put a lot of effort in universities and research centers. The effort that includes a lot of money and pulling strings with network. However Korean Deans and directors seldom get acknowledged internationally. I think it makes them small town bullies. I do not want to become a small town bully.

Most of the rides in an amusement park are structured with centrifugal force. On the Chair-o-plane when it tilts to 45 degrees you can feel the centrifugal force. Not only that but you can also feel acceleration and inertia with a lot of rides. The amusement park is a great science laboratory.

To add a little joke. Since the pianist only shows the right side to the audience. They only need to put makeup on the right side of the face, wear clean clothes on only one side. Not sure about wearing the ring on the right hand.

There are many times people mistake actions are made for them, when it is actually for others. Another example is loud music in beer caverns. The customers think the loud music is for themselves. However, if you think about it the loud music makes it harder to talk with each other. The loud music is for the workers so the music drowns out the customers talking..

As drawn in the second box, East Asia is drawn on the right end of the map in Europe¡¯s point of view. That is why Europeans call the Asia continent ¡®Far East¡¯. Countries like Arab and West Asia are in the middle of Eurasia. Therefore, they call the area ¡®Middle East¡¯. For Koreans we do not have any reason to use the name ¡®Far East¡¯ and ¡®Middle East¡¯. We can call them ¡®East Asia¡¯ and ¡®West Asia¡¯.

Once I saw a chairperson taking a rest when the first presenter did not stand on stage. The chairperson started the presentation on the time 1:10, the second presentation was scheduled, without moving up the schedule and starting it at 1:00 when the first presentation was scheduled to start. So he let the first ten minutes pass by and followed the original schedule. He was considering the people who would come to hear the second presentation as mentioned in the schedule. I do not know if the chairperson has to be this strict.

Taking care of ceremonies means a lot of money and time. Attending presentations means a lot of labor and brain using. It is never easy. Doing hard work other people would not do makes you president, and an acknowledged master. The world is a fair place.

The relationship between a man and woman is a difficult problem to solve. I have acknowledged it by seeing many men and women experiencing the hardships of marriage and divorce.

The cartoon ¡®Astroboy¡¯ was published from 1952 to 1968 in Japan. Its TV animation was aired in 1959. This cartoon and animation made Japanese children and teenagers interested in robots, and some of them decided to study and research it. Because of it, Japan has been on the top of robot science. Likewise, cartoons and animations can sometimes be a huge influence.

As I did in the third and fourth frame, I can also be a corresponding author for free. It is just an exchange of several co-authors with one corresponding author. This is illegal of course. I am telling the readers to prevent this sort of wrongdoing. Please, don¡¯t get the wrong idea.

Studying is also similar. It is better to do simple studying and complicated studying in turns. In my case, memorizing writings is simple studying, and writing down is complicated studying. Likewise, it is required of us to figure out which one is simpler or more complicated respectively. I think it can be applied to other fields of study as well.

If I know my major well, I can then verify similarities and differences between my major and other majors. Then I can easily get some help from people in other majors. Of course, if I know my major well, then I can avoided a hand to people from other majors. Knowing my own major well is the first step.