I really had hard time when I was an undergraduate student, so I made up my mind to teach students in their shoes if I would be a professor. But, I never kept that promise when I became one. I guess I¡¯m not much of a promise keeper.

From the other experts¡¯ view, scientists are very similar to children. They can¡¯t communicate with others well, and their thoughts are very simple. However, scientists shouldn¡¯t be ashamed. They work very hard, so they don¡¯t know about the outside. The scientists who are lazy about their researched and know about the outside world well should be ashamed.

When low-ranked students challenge higher-ranked ones, they should forget about hierarchy. It is suitable for the laboratories. For example, master¡¯s students can make better articles than PhD students. Ability and passion are more important than ranking. Forgetting about hierarchy doesn¡¯t mean fist fights.

Scientists shouldn¡¯t attend in the committee if possible. They should attend the committee that doesn¡¯t waste time or has worth to attend. On the contrary, there are committees they shouldn¡¯t attend which waste a lot of time and has no worth. Basically, these kinds of committees should be abolished.

There is the polarization of wealth in English conversation. People who can speak English well have more opportunity to communicate and can improve their skills. There are lots of examples to prove as the polarization of wealth. If you are on the train of poor-get-poorer, you should consider of switching to the train of rich-get-richer.

Scientists including me are lazy, so they can¡¯t clean the room easily. For glorifying this, I say that a clean room means a clean brain. Therefore, a messy room means they work on the research very hard. Sometimes, it is true or not. Scientists know themselves well.

Other¡¯s approval is the first step and self satisfaction is the second step. At first, when scientists get jobs or promotions, they check their articles for other¡¯s approval. However, after settling the position, they check their life-time achievements for self satisfaction. The process is like the lives of artists.

Sometimes, you can fail for the presentation on a conference. There is an expedient. You can have a presentation in the university or laboratory in the city that holds the main conference. There is a place that you can have a presentation if you apply politely in advance. In the case, there is no need to have lots of audiences. Preparation for 100 audiences or preparation for 1 audience is the same.

Experienced-scientists know that ¡°by any chance¡± can be changed to ¡°expectably. ¡± However, they think only about ¡°by any chance¡± rather than ¡°expectably.¡± Then they have hope and work hard. Thinking about ¡°by any chance¡± and deceiving themselves can be the basic power of science research.

At first, I thought a lot of people read my cartoon. It was my delusion, but I don¡¯t regret. Because of the delusion, I drew cartoons happily.

Scientists¡¯ smartness can be needed for researches, but it can be needed for using tricks like cartoons. Tricks can help happy life. Moreover, these tricks can be helpful for drawing cartoons. I think using tricks can be fine if it is not harmful.

I went a Korean restaurant in a foreign country. However, the taste was different from the taste in Korea. The taste in McDonald was the same like Korea. Therefore, when I get homesick, I go to McDonald. McDonald has the taste of home.

Golf is a good sport for socializing, and jogging is good for alone. Playing golf is good for diligent people because they have to make an exact appointment with others. Jogging is good for lazy people because they can jog alone.

I used to think that asking questions in an academic meeting could be harassing for the presenting scientists. And I even considered it rude. However, I became to realize that questions would not make the presenters feel offended. Without questions, the presenters would possibly think that the talk does not interest audience at all. Therefore, even simplest questions are better to be made.

Sometimes, worthless worry can be made. For example, should I get a short haircut or long haircut? Nobody has interested in my hair style. In the same manner, I worry in the laboratory too. For example, should I wear white gown or old gown in the laboratory? Most of the cases, it doesn¡¯t matter.

Graduate students and scientists are the ones who are expected to put their top priority on conducting experimentation and writing scientific articles. This commitment would keep them busy and eventually rewarded. However, many of them are occupied by other things, and put aside their researches. Here lies the problem.

No matter what the activity, the harder it is, the happier we are afterwards. The process of writing a scientific article is so agonizing that the parties to celebrate its publication should be correspondingly fun. For me, the most joyful parties are those thrown to celebrate my students being hired. My students and I have suffered for a long time together, so those parties are very cheerful and tend to last all night.

If undergraduate students read this cartoon, they will realize that they don¡¯t need to know scientists¡¯ intention. However, this cartoon includes some of scientists¡¯ intention. Therefore, after reading this cartoon, they would realize scientists¡¯ intention ironically.

Like the last column, I gossip about my working place. If I boast about my working place, others envy me first, and they irritate finally. However, some scientists gossip their working places consistently. You choose your work, and curses come home to roost. Gossiping has to be proper.

I think the time and money for celebrating weddings is precious. Therefore, I go to the wedding whether I have to see them frequently or they are related to money. As a result, I go to wedding 4 times a year. For instead, I try not to send wedding invitations for my kids. It means that I don¡¯t give and take. Scientists are good jobs that can forget about social life.

Newspaper article is unlike scientific article. A newspaper article that doesn¡¯t reveal its source might seem irresponsible, like a work of fiction; however, the truly irresponsible newspaper article is one that does disclose its source. When you tell your friends a juicy piece of gossip, some may ask about the source. If you tell them where the gossip came from, you are being irresponsible. People who disclose their source are not even qualified to gossip.

Graduate students are often confused about equivalent elements. For example, their articles contain sentences like this: ¡°The results of this study are different from other studies.¡± Results and studies are not equivalent. The results are just a part of the study. Instead, they should write sentences like this: ¡°The results of this study are different from those of other studies.¡±

The Chinese word for ¡°research article¡± can be interpreted as meaning ¡°logical writing.¡± Logical writing can be summarized into tables. Therefore, tables should be made before writing, even if they are not included in the final article. However, many graduate students do not know how to make tables that logically show their experiences and thoughts. They should be trained to make well-organized tables.

There is a scientist who can¡¯t get Nobel Prize even though he was qualified for it because he was deceased early. Nobel Prize winners take tours and have lectures all over the world, so they should be alive. Moreover, even though they got Nobel Prize in heaven, they would not be happy.

Scientists know how tedious proofreading is. It is an endless job. However, they also know that it should be done thoroughly because published articles are unalterable. Articles are not mere documents, but permanent records. In other words, the articles outlive the authors.

Celebrities must have some characteristics like beautiful face, excellent body shape or talents. They can¡¯t be famous with similar characteristics with others. Scientists are the same. They have to know something what they can only do and others can¡¯t. Usual scientists can¡¯t be successful.

The amount of funding received by a laboratory is closely related to the number of published articles. More funding yields more articles, and more articles lead to more funding in return. However, some laboratories get relatively more funding, and others publish relatively more articles. Applicants to graduate schools should consider which type of laboratory would be more helpful for them.

Scientists who seek out money and opportunities to publish articles are selfish, so they tend to be blamed. However, unless they are selfish, their scientific research will not materialize. In my case, egoism is the source of not only grants and articles, but also cartoons, like this episode.

Scientists look having time from the outside of the laboratories, but they don¡¯t have time in the laboratories. Outside of the laboratories, scientists don¡¯t have many things to give, but scientists can be cruel to graduate students because they can give them a lot. Scientists have two-facedness.

It is another story about bait and prey. The bait is given to draw outstanding students before admission to the graduate school. But in the graduate school, the prey is given to create outstanding students. This policy seems to care about the students.

Originally, the jokes in these comics are not invented by myself, but heard from others. I rarely can make new jokes; I just mix existing jokes with science and use it for my cartoons. It's my job to fuse science with jokes.

Like cartoons, I prefer paper books than electric books. I prefer to draw lines on the paper when I study. I prefer paper cartoon books than electric cartoon books. I have no confidence to change my preference. Old habits die hard.

Keeping seats in the laboratory is not always good or bad. Sometimes you can be lazy if you sit for a long time. You can think you just kill time. Sometimes you can think of something very useful while you are sitting in the laboratory. Sitting in one place would pay for the price.

Professors shouldn¡¯t encourage or discourage graduate students too much. If you encourage them too much, they will rebel, and they will say nothing at all if you discourage them too much. Serving professors is very difficult, but controlling students is more difficult.

Gutenberg developed a system of movable metal type in Mainz, which is located next to Frankfurt, Germany. Frankfurt has always been the center of commerce and trade in Europe. Thanks to this, Gutenberg¡¯s metal type spread quickly and eventually triggered the information revolution. Where the invention took place is as important as what the invention actually was.

Among conferences, international conferences have huge income and expenses, and can¡¯t figure out the size. Therefore, scientists who prepare conferences suffer from its box office hit and try to make higher income. After confirming income, expenses are determined by income.

For me, drawing comics is easier than writing articles. That is because drawing comics is my hobby and writing articles is my job. I draw easy comics first, and then write difficult articles later if I do not have any comics left to draw. A clear and natural distinction spontaneously emerges between article-writing months and comic-drawing months.

The years which have problems with reading two digits together are from 2001 to 2009. The next one is from 3001 to 3009. If there is a problem for principles, we can be flexible, and I draw this cartoon for an example.

If peeling the sauce bag and peeling the noodle bag happen separately, there are 4 possibilities. The case of peeling a sauce bag, the case of unpeeling a sauce bag, the case of peeling a noodle bag, and the case of unpeeling a noodle bag. You should add in the condition of OR. However, two things happen together, therefore 4 possibilities are like the table in the cartoon. You should multiply in the condition of AND.

The possibility that 10 of the stones that pull out of the bag are all black or all white is 1/16. The possibility that the sum of the numbers of two dices is 2 or 12 is 1/18. Possibility is lower than you think. Gambling industry is growing because the possibility is different between calculating and sensing. In the gambling industry, customers are always lost.

This is the content of a cartoon. Mom nags to her young son. ¡°Don¡¯t play around. Don¡¯t eat junk food. Don¡¯t watch TV.¡± Therefore, the son rebels. ¡°You always say ¡°Don¡¯t¡±. Then, mom says, ¡°Study hard.¡±

Life expectancy is the important word in the insurance company. If life expectancy is short, he will die soon. Therefore, they raise the monthly insurance and lower the benefit. Insurance is the money that policy holder pays monthly, and benefit is the money that beneficiary gets. The relationship between life expectancy and average life span is that 0 life expectancy is an average life span.

In article, author can describe one¡¯s misunderstanding and its solution. The trial contributes to an interesting paper. For that, it is good habit to announce one¡¯s mistake usually. Do not be ashamed of the misinterpretation.

Drinking beer, don¡¯t talk about religion and politics. If so, the companions will become repulsive, and there is not to spare. Correct answer is the jokes to result in pleasant memory and good friendship.

In the cartoon, I say about pros and cons from professors¡¯ view. Pros and cons that graduate students think are reverse. That is, the pros which professors think is the cons for students, and the cons which professors think is the pros for students. Professors and students are like oil and water.

I sold my apartment wrongfully, so I missed the chance of making a fortune. I feel very depressed thinking that I lost couple hundred million won. But if you calculate profits and losses for everything, there would be an end to that. I should have bought that house, should have sold it, shouldn't have bought it, shouldn't have sold it... In conclusion, like this cartoon we need to enjoy our life not thinking of price of apartment going up and down.

You need to develop a habit of complementing other people wherever. Good words cost nought. / There is a complementing game that I enjoy. If 4 people are gathered, three people complement the other person. Of course all people take turns. This is a very simple and effective game. Whenever you are having a get-together, I recommend this game.

All the people want to play, rest, and work as they like, and also want to be blameless at the same time. This is the longing for achieving both profit and justification. / I drew this cartoon based on this thought. However even if you think and act like this cartoon, it is hard to be recognized.

In the cartoon the senior person present proposed the accommodation, but the presenter may propose also. It is to ask a person close to you to ask a question that you want them to ask. If you do this, you may stop other sharp questions due to time limit. But if this is revealed, audience may not believe the presenter. Although the presenter may not do the same thing at the next presentation, he/she will still be misunderstood. It is like being the Boy who Cried Wolf.

From the Disney movie Pinocchio, a cricket wearing a suit comes out. This cricket helps Pinocchio finding his conscience. Therefore that cricket keeps on repeating the word conscience. To some scientists without conscience, that cricket should visit.

2 of 50 square is 1,125,899,906,842,624. If you consider that number of people on Earth is 5 billion, 200 thousand earth is needed to fit that number. This shows that 50th descendant of General Kim is meaningless. Being a 50th descendant originally means family tradition rather than heredity, but I do not like quibbling over blood.

The word for bread in Portuguese is pao, but if you pronounce it in Korean they still understand. It is similar in Spanish(pan) and in French also(pain). I had a similar occasion in China. I asked in English where the tea was. However the employee did not understand tea. So I talked to myself 'where is tea' in Korean, and the employee understood. Tea is 'Cha' in Korean, and 'Cha' in Chinese also.

In my experience, efforts put in making a cartoon is three to four times of that of publishing essay book. However the effect of cartoon is 10 times of essay book. Like this, cartoon is very efficient. Some scientist publish essays celebrating his age or retirement. I recommend cartoon instead of essays.

What is the most terrible to me is the students who is learning from me meeting my family or alumni. They will be disappointed when they know the 'real' me. The last phrase 'scientist's body is low quality' is a pointed remark on 'King's ears are like donkey's ears'. Things that are not needed to be known, should not be known.

Scientists usually try to look modest. On the other hand, normal people have a tendency of showing off. On the other hand, students from high-class universities make fun of their schools. However, students who are not from those universities brad about their school. The boughs that bear most hang lowest.

Symposium is not only for outstanding scientists. It is also for scientists who are on a slump like in the cartoon. So not participating in symposium just because you think you are pathetic is a foolish act. If other meetings should be valuable, you have to encourage the pathetic ones. For example you have to encourage alumni who is going through hard times. And have a good tie altogether.

Unlike this cartoon, there are cases where I think much about process. Generally If I succeed I think much of result, and if I fail, I think much of process. I tried to cheer up by saying I learned knew things from process failure. This cartoon is emphasized on one side only. Smart readers would not misunderstand

In my experience, ability (7) is more importnat than luck (3) on examination of a thesis. However luck (7) is more important than ability (3) on submitting research syllabus. With the same syllabus, you may fail this year and pass on the following year. Like this it is a foolish act to decide one's path depending on the luck. However, I was unwise to take luck as my destiny. I recommend younger scientist to decide on their career path with examination of a thesis, which is more objective.

Originally, the term ¡°invisible hand¡± referred to the system that automatically determines wages and product prices among CEOs, employees, and consumers. This is a very important theoretical aspect of capitalism. Anyways, like the content of the cartoon, professors with lots of funding sources and papers can calmly wait for graduate students to join their labs, while professors with few cannot do so. In this sense, scientific labs follow the rules of capitalism.

Firenze of Italy is the home of Renaissance. The roads and buildings of the old city were constructed during the Renaissance and they have not changed a bit. There is a picture of the whole old city of Renaissance era, and surprisingly it is completely same as that of today. Due to this, the roads are narrow and uncomfortable to walk on, even more with cars that were not yet invented during the Renaissance. However there are still tons of tourists in Firenze. What tourists care is the difference, not the convenience.

The relationship between creditor and debtor is sound, and in between security is needed. Not just money. There are time when I take care of someone well, but that person does not do the same to me, and if I have a security than I can be relaxed. But there are cases like this cartoon where the strong has security and the weak has none. The law of the jungle is the law of nature and also the law of society. Nature nor society are equal.

This content can be applied to when notifying through phone calls. To people from other college, I tell them I am OOO from ¾ÆÁÖuniversitiy, and to people from same college and other department, I tell them I am OOO from medical school. Same with regions. To people who does not live in Suwon, I tell them I live in Suwon, and to people who live in Suwon, I tell them I live in OOO town. This may look hard, but if you practice a bit, it gets easier.

If you go to the gym, there are running machines. This machine's performance better than climbing mountains. But still I go to mountains, not gym. Rather than seeing TVs attached on machines, I like seeing forest more. Mountain provides different views. If you are lucky you can see hot girls too. On top of that, mountain is free unlike gym.

When I go to expensive hotels, I ask them not to clean my room everyday. I am originally dirty, so I can stand few days without cleaning. Also when someone else comes into my room I keep noticing them and I have to worry about how much tip I have to give them. Cheap hotels do not clean everyday so it is convenient. It is a good place to stay if you feel comfortable despite of a little physical discomfort.

The reason I draw this is to help scientists to hang out with other scientists. I recommend scientists to write funny stuffs from this cartoon down, and take it to meetings. Then you can laugh, and hear lots of stories like a funnel. Don't be too serious in meetings. If you are too serious, you cannot have fun for long time.

When meeting someone, you should lower your family and complement other person's family. It is more effective than complementing that person. / Especially complementing sons and daughters is highly effective. I go one step further at times. "You son and daughter is better looking than their parents. Congratulations on heredity improvement." I have never seen a single parents who did not like this.

I was a funny guy when I was a student like this cartoon. I loved making people laugh, so I thought about it during class. "What should I write on quote of the day to make people laugh?" I had fun when I should have studied, but I have no regrets. Thanks to those experiences I can draw cartoons now. Making people laugh is a good thing. In my experience, if you make people laugh, you get more chances.

When we were gathered at a restaurant, I was waiting for the late people. But then late people came and ate without saying sorry. I lost benefit and justification. From then I started to eat exactly at the time we were supposed to meet. When we were eating meat, we roasted the meat earlier and started eating at the meeting time. I didn't care if higher personnel were late or not. There is no need for waiting.

There are time when it is confusing about whether it is my fault or other. It is better in this situation to say sorry first. When I was giving lectures at the past, I have an experience of microphone kept on breaking. It was not my fault, but I kept apologizing to audience. This may be unfair, but it is effective.

When I was a student, I heard a lot about new knowledge pouring down. Professors warned us that books will be thicker and thicker. But as now I think of it, there is no need to be afraid. For example thanks to the development of computers, we don't have to study and utilize better computers easily. Like this development of science makes life and studying easier. Science is not for torturing us.

This is another story about volume. You can easily feel 1g, 1kg, and 1ton with the volume of water. 1g is the weight of water of a regular hexahedron which every corner's length is 1cm. To wrap up the other, 1kg is 10cm, and 1ton is 1m. The reason this falls right into place is because 1kg is 1000g, 1 ton is 100kg, and 1000 is three squares of 10. Anyway I understand 1g, 1kg, and 1ton by this method.

I have an experience of overdrinking in a meeting with an important person who funded my research. After we sobered up, we felt quite awkward, and I regretted having done such a thing. It is okay to drink with someone important. But do not drink too much.

Advanced nation is good for walking, and underdeveloped nation is good for driving. If you visit both nations, it is easy for you to be involved in a car accident. Good way to avoid is to be careful no matter what. When you walk be careful of cars and when you drive be careful of pedestrians. Living long and narrow is the best.

To be exact, my mother worked as a pharmacist at a pharmacy connected to home, and she sold magazines there. So I was able to watch the magazines free, and I developed the habit of watching books cleanly. Everyone has experience of reading a book at a bookstore without buying. I don't worry about being told off. Same at the library. It is a good habit.

It takes a second for a useless tomb to be useful. Look at pyramids at Egypt and the Taj Mahal at India. When they were making it, it was a useless act. But now it generate tons of cash. You never know what's going to happen in the future.

If I was the one preparing for symposium, I would do it like this. First, I provide souvenirs that can only be attained by areas around symposium. Secondly, no names on it. Thirdly the packaging should be strong. Fourth, on other paper write what the souvenir is and give it to the people. Then the scientist can talk big at home, and will thank symposium.

Let¡¯s say an evaluator of journal paper commented on 30 things. Then you have to fix it based on these 30 comments. Also you have to write how these 30 comments are reflected in the paper. If you choose not to make changes, you have to write why. As this is quite difficult for me, I often finish it right before the deadline. I say to myself that if I become an evaluator I will make more harsh comments. I will take out my anger on other scientists.

Here is another example of combination: Have you ever been to any of these three countries: China, Japan, and America? One possibility is that you have been nowhere. Another possibility is that you have been to only one country. Also you possibly have been two or all of the three countries. There are a total of 8 cases which can be drawn from the equation 2 x 2 x 2 = 8. This is called the binominal distribution. Like this, you can think and talk with logic if you count the number of possibilities.

There are people who accomplish 5 out of 10 when originally hoping for 10. There are also people who wanted 3 and completed all of them. The former is better since they have a better result. The process is also better. The bigger your dream is, the harder you would try. Also, you would have more fun, if you dream big. You need not to be disappointed just because you could not fulfill all of them. Trying wouldn't hurt.

This is a word to myself. "You'll see who the sorry one will be." This is a saying that I will make other person want me. If you think like this, it will help you become more diligent. I need to have certain things in order for other people to be zealous. To go one step further you can say, "If you are envious, you lost."

At the western nations, they make you find way with road names, and in Korea they make you find way with crossroad names and geographic features. We can say that the western culture care for people who don't know about the path, and Korean culture care for people who already know about the path. Of course, the western culture is more rational. Also they put the road name on the pillars or on building walls. Owner of the building must accept this because this is for public interest, and this is also rational. We need to learn what we should learn from them.

When I was a medical student, there was a professor who talk like this. "Like before, in this exam 1st place is female student and last place is male student." Female students always study hard, so it was not surprising. Studying as told is absolutely better done by females. However in medical schools now, there are seldom females students who does not study. They may want to break the stereotype.

I will add to the art museum story. I saw every picture for about 1 minutes per each. But nowadays I just skim through picture that I don't like. Reversely, I stay for about 10 minutes on single picture if I like it. Like the second cartoon, I sit and watch if there is a chair available. I seldom wish for portable chairs. Art museum is a fine place to be picky.

In evaluating the manuscripts for the academic journals, there are some occasions where my emotions are reflected. Especially this is when I get annoyed at seeing the manuscripts that do not follow the submitting guidelines. Being annoyed, I express my evaluation in a harsher manner to make the writer of the manuscripts get angry as well. This is not just me. Renowned scientists also do that. Rules are rules.

Keeping the good work for long period of time is good for any subject. Dating girl/boyfriends, marriage, and research also. You should not quit easily. I talked a bit too harsh in this cartoon, but this is only for best friends. If you talk like that to people who are not too friendly with, you don't know what's going to happen.

The content of this cartoon can be applied to business also. If you want to earn money, you have to be ahead only for half step. If you are not ahead or too ahead you cannot earn money. It is also same when making friends. If you are not ahead or too ahead, you can be ostracized. If you are ahead only for half step, you can be recognized and live a happy life.

I heard a non-logical explanation about this. The reason why left and right change in the mirror is because your eyes are located at the right and left. This is not right. Even if the eye is located at upside and downside, it will be same when you see the mirror. I was disappointed with the non-logical approach so I tried to solve it with my own way, and I drew the results. Even if it may not look too important, I think it is important to approach things with logic.

Scientists should value time. Although it is a sound hoppy, there are lots of scientist who waste their time on Nu-ri network. To these scientists, I recommend to write a book first, and post up the content by a little by little. Then they can polish their writing and finally publish better books. Like this if you want to make a material based on networks, you have to do it well.