Like advancement of technology depends on science, progress of clinic depends on medical science. In medical school, basic professors dealing with medical science are scientists, while clinical professors dealing with clinics are like science-technicians. There are scientists such as me in the medical school too.

This cartoon says scientists are liars. But actually they don¡¯t lie because of the compunctions. Moreover, they do know lie is detrimental to themselves. I tend to bluff things to draw cartoon. I wish my readers and other scientists are kind enough to understand this.

I think my comics are funny and easy sufficiently, but some beg to differ. Moreover, some even blame me that I¡¯m not busy enough to draw comics like this. But these criticisms can¡¯t prevent me from drawing comics. Objective opinions are worth listening, but sometimes I should force the plan through if it needs be. Just leave me alone.

Humanities colleges need just lecture rooms, conference rooms and professor¡¯s rooms; but natural science colleges need not only those but also training rooms and labs. Thus natural scientists require large sites instead of romantic areas. If you want to enjoy sightseeing of the university, you should go to humanities colleges. Plus, it¡¯s recommended place for lovers.

Not only I take the economy seat in plane, but also stay in hotels and eat cheap foods. I¡¯m being this frugal because I can hang out longer. It¡¯s a bit miserable for an old guy like me to travel like this, but I find it happier to enjoy my time. Lads! Where would you rather apply to? Medical school to earn lots of money, or Natural Science College to enjoy your time? I wish lots of guys would apply for Natural Science College even though they¡¯re good enough to go to medical school.

Junior professor is verified with one¡¯s competence and intention to become the full professors. By being the full professor, he/she is expected to bear enough fruits. But I think of being the full professor as more like dedicating, not only to students but also to schools, the nation, and even world. The full professor I is not a sinecure. Is it?

In rather unpopular university, professor precedes the research task at the front since there are few students. Thanks to that, he/she often gets great results. But the trend tells the opposite just as comics. I doubt the government is doing their job well, allotting the funds to where it needs the most.

Korean scientists learn English a lot by writing papers in English. They learn by using a dictionary or by getting a correction from English experts. They even sometimes memorize the whole manuscript for oral presentation using what they¡¯ve learned through those ways. These studying greatly helps the Korean scientists speak on the foreign street. Scientific English is similar to street English.

Most lame thing about the army training center is that they can¡¯t use their money as they please. They can¡¯t go to PX (post exchange; military market) easily. Even when they go to PX, there are not many things to buy and it¡¯s crowded. That¡¯s the time the officer says ¡®You can¡¯t use your money easily like a communist country. So, this is why you guys should beat communism.¡¯ A bit of weird logic is effective, because they actually experience it.

A scientist I know grew up in the wild when he was a graduate. He had to decide the title of dissertation on his own, and win the degree through lots of trial and error. Because he powered through these hardships, now he became a renowned scientist. I guess there are no bad professors if we consider this progress. Maybe I should slack off from now to make my students stronger.

I had fun when I first went to academic meeting as a graduate. I took the best train and got treated really well in the awesome hotel. But I got sick of this soon; instead, I started to enjoy being a scientist. I took pleasure in making speeches and debating about science. Guess that¡¯s the right thing for me.

Scientists are like noblemen on the outside, but slaves on the inside. This applies to other occupations; medical doctors seem to live an extravagant life. But actually, they are pathetic. For example, senior doctors always go hard with their juniors. The juniors just wish their seniors don¡¯t scold them in front of the patients. People even say that stars who live in Florida are corrupted. I guess there are no such things as noblemen in the world.

When teachers do the lecture, they make important and funny remarks related to the subject. But sometimes, those remarks are neither important nor funny. They¡¯d rather finish the lecture earlier if they¡¯re going to make those useless remarks. Teachers should think about whether they¡¯re talking useful things or not.

Among scientists there are ones who founded their own companies while doing the research. Doing research is comparable to 1st and 2nd industry while doing business is 3rd industry. They say business is harder than doing research) Business is like doing a real sword fight. If the scientists can provide lots of jobs to many people, they are indeed brilliant persons.

I have some dental floss in my wallet so I can sweep my teeth wherever I eat. I even hold it in my mouth sometimes while I walk around food court. I¡¯m using it instead of a toothpick. Now I¡¯m working on how to avoid the nagging of the cloth shop owners. Should I carry a bag full of clothes?

Geology is one of those major that doesn¡¯t guarantee a job in Korea. This situation doesn¡¯t mean we may get rid of the geology department from university. In future there can be some volcanic activities which induce the necessity of geology. We shouldn¡¯t be affected by a mere fad, and we should keep giving geologists a great interest and support them.

Scientists can receive overtime pay in principle, but they do not. If they take it, they might end up in an awkward place because they can be late for the work next day. Scientists don¡¯t take overtime pay in order to be free from the working hours. Some people would envy scientists who are going and leaving from work freely. But the people might think differently if they watch this cartoon.

I used to be a smoker. Writing a paper took two weeks and I smoked about 20 packs during the time. I felt sad because I thought the paper was ruining my health. Like this, there are some scientists who pay the price with their body. But there are also scientists doing work while taking care of their health.

A year before my promotion to the full time professor, I had not written enough papers. So I intensively wrote them during 3 months when I met nobody. I felt like being a criminal who cannot help but keep one¡¯s family and friends away. Anyway, I got promoted barely, and then tried to compensate my family and friends in order to reach something. There should be a sacrifice suitable for it.

Since the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, it is natural that professors and teachers envy each other. I, in fact, envy teachers too because of all the papers that torture me. But job changing is impossible since they both require special skills. I¡¯m not confident enough to teach middle and high school students; I¡¯d rather teach college students because they can study by themselves.

When I was an elementary student, I saw this ridiculous calculation. As a child, I knew the calculation was wrong. However, I couldn¡¯t explain its incorrectness. After learning the sets concept in math class, I became to clarify the calculation with the figures. Math is a nice tool to make our idea manifest.

Let¡¯s say we¡¯re doing an experiment proving which a medicine reduces the blood pressure. If pressure falls after taking the pill, it¡¯s an advantageous result; if it¡¯s not, then it¡¯s disadvantageous. If you get the undesirable result, it¡¯s stressful for you to point out the reason of the failure. Don¡¯t be disappointed. Sometimes bad result might be a great discovery.

Science experiments are based on promises. Scientists make promises regarding doing experiments or writing papers with other scientists and students, and try hard to keep those. It¡¯s soulful to keep the promise and distressing not to keep the promise. Other affairs are as same as the scientific activity.

Group tour of a city with guide is a good way to enjoy lots of places in short period of time. But the flag tour doesn¡¯t permit personal freedom and thoughtful sightseeing. It¡¯s better to travel on foot alone with a map. Then at least the traveler could understand the structure of the city.

Traveling is similar to studying. Traveling and studying that connect the points (one dimension) are better than those that mark the points (zero dimension). The higher state would be those that fill a plane (two dimension). Two-dimensional traveling is the level to live there for a while; two-dimensional studying is the stage to discern a scientific field.

I asked a female student studying domestic science. Question was why she learns something in university that she can learn in academy. For an example, she is able to become a chef just by going to the academy. Then the student replied that she at least got the scientific mind in university. Her reply was intentionally on par with my ignorant question.

This cartoon suggests that scientists should not work so hard to hurt themselves, but it¡¯s hard to not do it. Still, there are scientists addicted to experiments. They push themselves really hard to satisfy their mind over body. Science stands on the basis of their sacrifice.

If a scientist just considers about study at the conference, it would be a stressful journey. After the scientist staying at the conference and hotel, the one wouldn¡¯t think about participating it again. To prevent this, scientist should be able to make journey enjoyable by taking sightseeing while he/she is there.

It makes grad student crestfallen if his or her paper fails to be carried in the journals. If this happens, I encourage the student by saying 30% of success rate is satisfactory. Later, the student starts to make a hit, and begins to think about the runs batted in and homeruns. If he/she reaches this point, we can say it is successful. But I still have a hard time making just a mere hit; I don¡¯t think I¡¯m a good scientist.

Lots of things are two-faced. If mother let her daughter receive the treatment first, it looks like mother is taking care of her. Similarly professor seems to take care of the student. But as it turns out, mother and professor are taking advantage of them. No one can be trusted.

For the experiments, it is necessary for one to hang out with people and to stay alone alternatively. I compared this with a zoo and a botanical garden. For students, lecture room and lab are like a zoo while library is like a botanical garden. And for the travelers, a group tour is like a zoo whereas traveling alone is like a botanical garden. Some people like the zoo; others might like the botanical garden more.

Paper consists of four chapters. Introduction) what is the question we¡¯re dealing with? Method) what did we do to answer the question? Result) what did we get to answer the question? Discussion) what is the answer to the question? Since every chapter has the word ¡°question,¡± we can see that the question is the most important in paper. We should keep the question in mind, which is the research purpose.

This dean of my department said this once) professors in our school should appear in the mass media for advancement of our school. Professors want to be the topic of the news even by doing the bad things. As the times passes, professor's deeds could be forgotten, but not school of his. According to the dean, I think there should be some bad people in the world.

Because of the recognition for research ability, a scientist could get the side job. Backwards, another scientist neglecting research could try to obtain approval by the side job. In any cases he/she gets estranged from science. For the advancement of science, the lazy scientist should take on the position. Then other diligent scientist would concentrate to the investigation itself.

Korean economy started in 1960 and won the fruits around 1988, the year of the Seoul Olympics. That¡¯s when the middle class started to own their cars and travel abroad. Korean science started to grow in 1995, when scientists earned much funds. In order to achieve the greater feats, there should be more investment and endurance.

Among the six (when, who, where, what, how, why), ¡®when¡¯ can be always asked. But the others are not the available queries at all times. Suppose that your question is ¡®who¡¯ or ¡®where¡¯; the presenter then will say ¡®Look at my name and affiliation in the abstract.¡¯ Ask him/her ¡®what¡¯, ¡®how¡¯, or ¡®why¡¯, and he/she will reply ¡®I mentioned all during talk.¡¯ You are able to give the issue ¡®when¡¯ whenever.

When scientists play around like grasshoppers, people say that being a scientist might be the easiest job. However, when some deadlines come, scientists¡¯ spare time disappears and they become working zombies. People understand these hardships of scientists these days.

This is just a riddle that I heard when I was young. From the entrance of a building, it takes 3 minutes to go up to the 3rd floor. Then, how long does it take to go up to the 4th floor? The answer is 4.5 minutes not 4. That¡¯s because the entrance starts from the 1st floor. In Europe, the answer would be 4 minutes because buildings there start from the 0th floor. The riddle doesn¡¯t work in Europe.

When I was a college student, there was a handsome guy that destroyed the ecosystem of our college. This guy needed bodyguards against the numerous heartbroken girls in the college. I really do wish the government would take charge and do something about this awful accident in ecosystem.

Just like children learning how to listen and speak from their parents, students need to learn how to read and write from the professors. This cartoon, Dr. Scifun can help the students little bit because I tried to write appropriately. I wish students will realize that while they read these comics.

In the Korean academic association, every board is composed of several members. As a member, people tend to designate a professor from Seoul National University to make the board look like a prestigious group. Professors in Seoul National University are very bright, smart, and responsible. However, sometimes the name value of Seoul National University becomes more than it should.

When I first went to my high school reunion, I thought scientist would be the best job; there I tried to pay for the meal. At that time, one of my friends told me that scientist doesn¡¯t make sufficient money and he would pay. I was offended at first, but I got happy for the free food. Scientist is a boss in one¡¯s own field.

Scientists give scholarships and monthly payments to graduate students. However, scientists are not so serious because the moneys are usually from government. It would be good to think the money just like businessmen. For instance, how much the students get daily? I guess the calculation would force the students to work harder.

In reality, when Korean scientists decide to go to the United States to study, they have to take into consideration their family, especially their children. Big cities have much to see and learn, and the public systems including transportation are convenient. However, staying in a small city means that everything is less expensive and the children can pick up English much more quickly. The conclusion is, the location doesn¡¯t really matter; the important thing is how adaptive the family is.

There is a part that men can do better or women can do better. Men are very bold to make decisions, and women are very delicate to their work. Men and women are very complementary cooperation. I hope that smart and young women will challenge and contribute to science.

The title of the thesis should be comprehensible to your advisor, and the content should not be too poor or extreme. It may take a few months to decide on the title because you will need to read the references, do pre-experiments, and find solutions. Thanks to this approach, you will earn independence. When an advisor refuses to write the title for your thesis, the advisor is doing you a favor, even if it seems harsh at the moment.

Let¡¯s say that you spend a lot of money in a local island. This money goes straight to big city, because the owners of the luxurious hotels and restaurants in local island are from big city. On the contrary, you economize on your budget. The owners of cheap motels and shabby restaurants are from the local, so the money you spent will stay there longer. If you are frugal while travelling, you will help local people. Also, if you save money, it will be better for your health.

There are several conditions to succeed in a restaurant business, and the best is its ingredient. If the quality and quantity of the ingredients is outstanding, the restaurant will be succeeded. The portion of the price of the ingredients for the food is less than you think. Nevertheless, there are lots of closure restaurants which save on the ingredients. Spend more money on the ingredients.

I made several appearances on printed media and broadcast media. Printed media appearance makes me feel relieved. It contains my thought well because I prepare the articles and pictures in advance. However, broadcast media appearance makes me uncomfortable. I am a poor speaker, and I can¡¯t deliver my thought well. Moreover, I am sorry for the viewers because I am ugly. It has to be gifted to appear on broadcast media.

There was a food and nutrition scientist when I was a kid. At the time, rice was deficient in Korea, so the government encouraged eating barley and wheat. Therefore, the scientist said that barley and wheat was healthy food. Years later, there was a surplus on rice in Korea, so the government encouraged eating rice. The same scientist said that rice was healthy food. He might be not afraid of getting scolded by other scientists.

Celebrities have no trouble with bad behaviors. However, prominent scientists can¡¯t do anything bad. From my point of view, those scientists are unhappy personally. Therefore, I decided not to be a prominent scientist. To tell the truth, I don¡¯t have talent to be.

In the third column, I backbite one of the successful laboratory. However, I can¡¯t backbite without reason, so I do it logically. As backbiting, I sometimes realize why they are successful. Backbiting is not always bad.

The defense is loose when the soccer ball is far away from the goalpost. However, when the ball is near the goalpost, the defense becomes tight. Therefore, playing near the goalpost is difficult. Likewise, writing an article is a very difficult part of research, because it is the final step of research project.

When you meet an opposite-sex friend, beating heart means you are still young and shaking legs mean you are getting older. Beating heart means that it is a good time. Therefore, young scientists should meet opposite-sex friends and have presentations in the conference. They should enjoy beating heart.

Let¡¯s say that human body is a cube (edge length) r). Volume is r3, surface area is 6r2, thermal efficiency is r3/6r2 (1/6r). The thermal efficiency is higher when the human body is a ball shape than when the human body is a cube. In other words, the thermal efficiency is higher when human body is a ball shape not like an angled cube. However, heating system is very advanced these days, so you don¡¯t need to overeat to have a ball shape.

I would like to arrange the research process chronically, make a title, do a pre-experiment, do an experiment, and then write an article. In my experience, let¡¯s say that all the process is 10. Making a title is 3, doing a pre-experiment is 3, do an experiment is 1, and writing an article is 3. Of course, a pre-experiment is more difficult than an experiment.

I pull out a Chinese map when I travel in China to ask for directions. I don¡¯t know Chinese, and some Chinese people can¡¯t speak English. Dumb Chinese people respond to me in Chinese anyway, but the clever ones answer in body language. Body language, not English, is the universal language.

Among the celebrities, comedians get the most objective assessment. Singers and actors can be famous even though they don¡¯t have enough talent if someone helps. However, comedians can¡¯t be famous if they can¡¯t make laugh others even though someone helps. There are demerits and merits in this objective assessment. The merit isn¡¯t getting underestimated, and the demerit isn¡¯t getting overestimated.

I admit that SNS like Facebook and Twitter are good time-consuming service. However, they are not good for working in the office. I prefer to write an article or draw comic when others play with SNS. Sometimes, anti-social is good.

Unlike me, there are scientists who can memorize names very well. They remind the names that related to the names. When they meet the person again, they call his full name, and also they don¡¯t afraid of calling them wrong. What a respectful scientist! They wouldn¡¯t get dementia. Also, they are suitable for assigning for authority.

Livestock is a slave of human. Livestock helps farming and keeping houses, and they eat anything and offer their meat after death. Even though pets don¡¯t work, they are well treated. I can say people are slaves of pets. People enjoy enslaving or being enslaved.

Sometimes, people insult someone who is present and say that is an advice or they are honest. In that case, there can be a problem later. Moreover, there must be a problem if they insult someone¡¯s family. However, there is no problem when people insult an absentee. It is safe to insult an absentee.

You have to turn on the taillight first if you want to turn on the headlight. That is, you have to show your car if you want to see other¡¯s. Similarly, you have to tell your story and thought first if you want to hear other¡¯s.

All high-school has its bookstore in it, and people are more important than equipments and reagents in all experiment. It is a cliche and you can say it is a fraud or diplomacy. I told foreigners that your country has honorable history, love peace, have smart people, and have beautiful women. All country is the same, and it is fraud and diplomacy.

I shave my head before weddings and conferences. Shaved head means tidy hair to me. Others don¡¯t know, but there is tidy hair and untidy hair for shaved head. There are neat and messy uniforms for soldiers, and there are decent clothing and indecent clothing for old ladies.

Many scientists work in the following order: First, they write an abstract for a conference. Secondly, they make slides for the conference. Thirdly, they memorize the manuscript for the conference. And finally, they write the article for a journal. If they start with the easiest thing first, they will suffer at every step. If they write the article first, the rest will be a piece of cake.

One of my alumni gets very rich. When he invites me for dinner, I say this. I knew that you would get rich when we were young. It means that it is evitable not an accident. Isn¡¯t it necessary to flatter when you are invited to dinner?

Diligent scientists can apply for the grant after finishing experiences. As the first column of comics, they can write proposals and articles together. Proposals can be written in future tenses and removed results, and articles can be written in past tenses and included results. Diligent scientists can save the time and effort.

Writing an article first and performing the experiment later is a good way of doing research. By writing the article first, you can study the works of references better, make the hypotheses better, and set up the experiment plans better. Moreover, you can reduce the risk of making mistakes and increase the possibilities of getting the important results when you conduct the experiment. Also, if the result is different than expected, you can revise the article promptly.

Women and men are different when watching TV. Women prefer theory-related programs (e.g. soap opera), while men prefer fact-related ones (e.g. news, documentaries and sports). As shown in the cartoons, women tend to enjoy fantasies without a fact, while men tend to enjoy chaos without a theory.

When I travel, I transfer to save money. However, I didn¡¯t know the exact meaning of transit, transfer and stopover. I thought transit and transfer are the same. I will show you differences between transit and transfer. Transit means that nobody moves baggage, and transfer means that baggage is moved by the airport automatically, and stopover means that I move baggage by myself.

Sometimes colleagues in the laboratory have a quarrel. It is proper to quarrel. The important thing is the way of quarrel. The worst way is that you get damage and your colleague gets damage, too. The worse way is that you get benefit and your colleague gets damage. The best way is that you get great benefit and your colleague gets less benefit.

Let¡¯s ask a movie director the following question: How many people have watched your movies? The director will not be able to conceal his/her inability. Similarly, ask a scientist the same question. How many papers in the science citation index journals did you publish as the first or corresponding author? The scientist cannot hide his/her incompetence. This is a scary world.

Why are fairy tales loved over the generations? There is a very important logic. In other words, the story goes well from the beginning to the end. Stories should be logical, easy and fun, so it would be loved. Lectures are the same.

I understand that hard-working scientists are called as doctors or professors. However, I think it is also good to call them as teachers. Good to call and good to listen. Moreover, it is good to have dirty jokes on the mountain.

I have reviewed articles that the authors got Nobel Prize. There is one thing in common. It is easy to read. It got a good evaluation because it is easy, and got Nobel Prize. People think that easy articles are substandard, but it is not. A lot of knowledge makes easy articles.

If somebody holds me to watch his presentation, it irritates me. It is his only presentation, but it is one of the many presentations for me. I have lots of presentations to watch. Also, I have to chitchat with people in the conferences, and make appointments, and have plans to goof off. Please don¡¯t hold me back. I am a busy person.

Pure mathematics needs paper and a pencil. However, applied mathematics needs an experiment. Especially, a computer is very important experiment equipment for the applied mathematics. Applied mathematician should be well equipped.

Compliments can make even whales dance. Does getting compliments make people lazy? Theoretically people can become lazy from getting compliments, but actually they don¡¯t. Therefore, it is proper to get compliments. Especially, novice scientists should get lots of compliments to feel proud.

Science museums are the place to show foreigners how Koreans are smart and how Korea is a strong country. For that, we have to make science museums more fun and interesting. Also, we have to show English explanations(at least titles) for the exhibitions. We should expand the budget and members of the museums.

Korean Science Museum exhibits these cartoons that were translated in English. Cartoons are a good media to influence audiences including children and foreigners. Therefore, I am trying to exhibit cartoons to other domestic and international science museums.

Thomson Reuters makes the words SCI and SCIE. It is not clear whether they stand for SCIENCE or not. Whether or not the spellings come from SCIENCE, it serves as good material for the cartoon. I don¡¯t miss it, and draw this (like animals that don¡¯t miss prey.

Let¡¯s say that you have a pool in the house. You don¡¯t swim daily, because you spend the same money whether you use the pool or not. However, you have to swim hard when you use outside swimming pools, because you paid for the day or the month. People think about getting their money worth.

The fast way to learn a language for babies is that they don¡¯t afraid for the mistakes. They are not afraid of their wrong pronunciations, bad grammar, and illogical speaking. It is the same when we learn other languages. Within the range of courtesy, you have to be bold in speaking in foreign languages.

Is 12 Am a day or a night? For the clear word, there are midnight and midday. I use day 12 and night 12 like cartoons.

Even excellent baseball hitters can strike out. However, they are not disappointed, and they prepare for the next round. Excellent scientists fail a lot when they apply for journals. However, they are not disappointed, and they apply for other journals. If novice scientists don¡¯t fail, they can¡¯t become good scientists.

In cartoons, scientists submit articles, but exactly they submit manuscripts. The manuscripts change to articles when the journals accept the manuscripts and publish them. However, scientists don¡¯t say they write manuscripts but say they write articles. Probably, they optimistically confirm the final products, articles.

It is good to automatically submit articles to journals like a machine gun. One thing to keep in mind exists. When you submit to other journals, you have to correct the content that reviewers point out, because it can go to the same reviewers. The world is small; the reviewers are small in number.