SCI is an abbreviation for science citation index. It¡¯s a great burden for scientist to publish their paper in SCI journal. SCI is also known as the acronym of spinal cord injury, since it bends and hurts scientist¡¯s waist. Plus, yet I don¡¯t know why, but it is also known as sexual contact injury.

¡®Scientific¡¯ has stricter meaning than ¡®natural¡¯. So scientists seem to have to be ¡®scientific¡¯ rather than ¡®natural¡¯. But a veteran scientist is not only ¡®scientific¡¯ but also ¡®natural¡¯. Two words are thought to be closely related with each other. Science is nature.

The world is not fair. The scientists in developed countries produce good research results with less effort. For the scientists in developing countries, diligence is the only way to compete with the developed countries¡¯ scientists. Fortunately, Korean scientists are credited for their laborious diligence by developed countries. Do developing countries give credits for intelligence of Korean scientists?

There¡¯s no grad student who learn and work themselves under no pressure. Even professors get lazy if they¡¯re not under any pressure. Professors not only give pressures to their students but also get one from students. I think being under pressure is a necessary evil to the entire scientists including professors and students.

There is something called ¡®invisible hand¡¯ in capitalism. Executives, employees and customers only care about their own interests. But these selfish deeds are also altruistic since it can be helpful to other¡¯s benefits. Invisible hands turning selfishness into altruism exists in a beauty contest and science.

I want to say something to people who decide the curriculums and textbooks of science. Please make science a subject of logic, rather than one teeming with formulas and stuffs to memorize. Then, lots of smart students would find science interesting. I think it¡¯s crucial for the future of science.

Actually there are very few people to read scientific articles. Suppose that the impact factor of a journal is 1. It means only one person to peruse an article in the journal. On the contrary, abundant persons enjoy comics regardless of their specialty. Hopefully, like me, more scientists will challenge the comics regarding to their scientific activities.

Like specialization is being used in the factories, you can also find one in the labs. It¡¯s definitely required that the professor¡¯s major shifts from natural science to social science if one is old enough. The professor¡¯s interest is how to write papers and win the funds instead of experimenting.

It¡¯s better for scientists to maintain certain distance with journalists, since the scientists can either be easily affected or unaffected by popularity and fashion. They should also do the same to the public officials; it¡¯d be both disastrous for scientists to remain too close or too far away from power. I think it¡¯d be best for scientists to remain neutral towards any kind of human relationships.

Traditionally, Tokyo Univ. focused on education whereas Kyoto Univ. concentrated on doing research. As a result, former one produced lots of great leaders whereas latter one produced lots of extraordinary scientists. Like this, every University in Japan tries to find its own strength that is better than Tokyo University. Universities in Korea should do the same, but it seems not easy.

I think statistics is not a part of natural science, although it's based on mathematics. That is because scientists only use statistic methods favorable to their works in order to reach the conclusion they wish to have. That means they do whatever it takes to lessen the value of 'P" smaller than 5%. So this is why they say statistics differs depending on the circumstances.

In Korea, liberal arts graduates in high-ranking official don¡¯t share their territories with natural science graduates. To solve the problem is that they shouldn¡¯t divide into natural sciences and liberal arts in high school. Then, there is no wall between natural science and liberal arts. Moreover, if the students who study mathematics and science well become a good high-ranking official, they will be logical and rational. High-ranking officials should be changed from liberal arts graduates to natural science graduates.

There is several definition of a word ¡®expert¡¯, and one of them is ¡®the person who explains one¡¯s major easily.¡¯ Conversely, the person who can¡¯t explain his/her major easily doesn¡¯t suit the word. Depending on the listener¡¯s level, a great scientist can explain one¡¯s work in 10 hours, elucidating every aspect of the work, or in 10 minutes, briefly, and even in 10 seconds.

Graduate school students think that 30¡¯s is the middle of their lives, because they tend to consider their ages as a standard. As I am getting older, the middle of my life would be changed to 50, 55, or 60.

Grad students enjoy joking even in their hard times. Some biology students get locked up in the lab culturing cells. They console themselves by saying that they¡¯re enjoying a cultural life. Like this, they go through their hardships by making jokes. The future of science is looking great.

I drew this one to emphasize that scientists should stand together in the lab. Being united is necessary to achieve the common goal (such as hooking up with girls or getting good research results). This one also includes the precious lesson that all occupations are equally honorable; a chance should be given even to incompetent people, so that they should make much of it.

They say a scientist¡¯s work is all about researching and writing. Even if you do a great job but fail to write a decent paper, you can't expect your paper to be carried to academic journals, thus getting little recognition. How to hook up with girls is pretty much a joke, while the way of writing a paper is a truth. Any scientist who has written a paper would be able to tell the difference between the joke and the truth.

Scientist doesn¡¯t mean one can handle cutting-edge devices well. I used to be delighted when the new version of software came out back in my days, but not anymore. I only use the function I used in the old version, and don¡¯t like trying to search the new functions on the software. I think time makes people conservative; and scientist is not an exception.

I liked math when I was young, but I thought it was useless. I think different now, since math is the root of all science including natural science. With the logic and ingenuity of math, you can learn any subject easily enough. People good at math would learn foreign language easily. Math is a standard that sorts the learned from the mediocre. And I¡¯m ready to get blamed from people who hate math.

When I attend the science conference, the first thing I do is to observe presenting scientists. I know there are better scientists who could just read through my researches. But if there¡¯re fledglings in house, I pretend to know everything and make them suffer with a rude fusillade after their presentation; fox is the king when there¡¯s no tiger around.

Another effect of research fund is that it makes scientists diligent. Receiving support is like making a promise to be carried out; so that¡¯s why it keeps scientists busy. A bit exaggerated word, scientists can solve any problems with support on their back; with no support, nothing they can solve at all. It¡¯s like we¡¯re committing a crime if we fail to work out problems.

The point of this cartoon is that all changing and unchanging studies are both important and should be taught. When I was an undergraduate, there was ceramics engineering major and it was not a popular one, since people thought it teaches how to make pottery. But after its name got changed into semiconductor engineering, it became more popular than ever. Like this, a mere name can change its popularity. Regardless of the popularity, important studies must be taught forever.

In the latter days of the medieval ages, Italian scientists started to dissect corpses. In that period of time, it was very hard thing to do since anatomy flew directly in the face of religion. But those anatomists could beat religion by concentrating on science, ended up bringing medicine into a whole other level. I think ¡®real scientists¡¯ should think only about science 24/7.

I remembered learning biosystematics when I was in high school. This was being taught by many people as the major bases of life science. Yet not the biosystematics is totally mistreated. As a result, there are few professor majored in biosystematics. Like in cartoon, I wish we could have lots of professors majored in bird diagnosis soon enough.

Let¡¯s say I moved to new university. I have millions of dollars worth of lab instruments in my old university. I¡¯ve installed these with my funds, yet I can¡¯t move it since it belongs to the property of my old school. So I have to go to my old school every time I perform experiments, but I don¡¯t think people there would welcome outsider. I will have to install new instruments in my new lab which might take years. So I have no intention to move away; it¡¯s not like there¡¯s other school that would welcome me.

It is really hard to attend at the science conference all day and a few days. So I made a Bingo chart to cheer up. We usually drank after the conference. The next day, we suffer hang-over, so I made this Bingo chart to be awake. Don¡¯t worry to be noticed. They will assume that you concentrate on the conference while checking on the chart.

Welding means to attach two things by melting steel. To melt the steel, much heat is required and we use electricity or gas to do that. We mostly use acetylene as a gas and we call this an oxygen-acetylene welding. That is, if oxygen goes in the acetylene, much heat is produced with carbon dioxide and water. I put this formula in the fourth blank of the cartoon. Like acetylene produces the heat, campus couple makes the rest students produce heat.

I was kind of afraid when I first started to draw comics; I only know about anatomy, not other fields of science. Anatomy only takes small part of science, so I thought it was presumptuous to draw science comics. But according to that logic, no scientists are qualified to draw science comics. A physicist doesn¡¯t know about other fields including anatomy. So I started drawing comics thinking ¡®Why don¡¯t I go first if everybody¡¯s not qualified?¡¯ I¡¯m unprofessional cartoonist, like science journalists.

Guests attend the wedding till it ends. They get to dine later if the officiator stalls time. So the officiator should take that into account and end the wedding quickly. Memorizing the lines is one of the good methods, like me.

In Korea, English is one of the studies that don¡¯t show progress to learners. But if they study hard enough, they¡¯ll find themselves become proficient in English. Plus, if they¡¯re good at English, they¡¯ll have more chance to speak English, which would increase their English skills more. In every circumstance there is impetus to make one better, so one should discipline oneself to get ready for that moment.

I saw some professors failed to be a minister or a president due to plagiarism. President Obama was once a professor of University of Chicago before he entered the world of politics. I heard that he didn¡¯t write any papers then. Had he written a paper, he might have forfeited of his presidency. Guess it¡¯s good to be idle sometimes.

In the cartoon, a prominent scientist always has good results even if he¡¯s idle. But this is not true; he gets the results as much as the effort he puts in. Sometimes, the diligent scientist pretends to be idle in order to give himself airs; he is so smart that he doesn¡¯t need to be diligent. The problem is that some scientists become real lazy deluded by that lie. If you get taken in, you¡¯re a fool.

Every member of the National Assembly thinks science as a second choice. So they easily agree to invest in science later, not now. In order to make science a first choice, maybe we should build science complex in every town to which the assemblyman belongs, or set a rule that requires some scientists as the assemblymen.

Some grad students become professors. After they reached their goal, they can recompense or revenge to old professors who once taught them. The old ones who were kind to them would spend the rest of their lives comfortably. But some professors like me forget about that fact and start hunting students now. It¡¯s like hunting oneself down, actually.

I introduced the rational and effective business card in this cartoon. But some scientists blame me that the card is not gentle enough. Well, I understand they cherish the honor and reputation, and I know scientists differ in their thoughts. Yet, don¡¯t you think it¡¯s also scientific to express one¡¯s individuality?

In 1980¡¯s people usually used the word NMRI, but from 1990¡¯s it changed into MRI, since there were endless disputes over the danger of nuclear. If you see how social atmosphere changes the science terms like this, it wouldn¡¯t hurt to say society dominates science.

I draw cartoon without help of cartoonist; but cartoonist seems not to be able to draw this science comics without scientists¡¯ help. Some people misunderstand that important factor in comics is pictures, not letters; actually it¡¯s the other way around. There are plenty of people who can draw pictures for writers, but few to write for cartoonists.

This cartoon appears to justify imperialism. When the West colonized the East in 19th and 20th century, they made propaganda that their science helped the East develop. I, as a scientist, just tell what I think regardless of the imperialism. Koreans should thank and learn from Western scientists.

I¡¯m conspicuous by my bald head. So I wear a black hat when I go to lab. I get to pick on students easier with this protective color. Protective color is both necessary and to live on preys. But some male animals ornate themselves to seduce females which is a poor plan for survival. The males!

Since lots of SCI journals are dominated by American scientists, papers from the world should be suited for their taste. The American editors are likely to accept papers that are funny such as papers with an amusing anecdote related to the field. Do you want your manuscripts to be accepted by SCI journals? Then why don¡¯t you go make your colleagues laugh right away?

The first step to draw this cartoon is getting themes. I don¡¯t read textbooks or scientific papers to get the themes for the science comic strips; I rather read newspapers and books or watch TV. I also get some ideas while I hang out and chitchat with other scientists. That is, to draw a cartoon, I need to know things wide rather than deep. In other words, I have to play.

I guess graduate students¡¯ doctoral dissertations are being judged too formally these days. Back in our days, the relationship between student, professor, and treatise examiners was quite eccentric. We also used to take into account of the student¡¯s personality and expenditure while drinking together. Things have become rational yet inhumane these days.

It¡¯s not always good to stay up overnight in a lab blindly; it might lower one¡¯s efficiency. But still it¡¯s better than not staying up at night. Night is good time to concentrate because one can be free from other people¡¯s call and other interruptions. Plus at night, one can brace oneself up as a scientist, or is it not?

It¡¯s not always good to stay up overnight in a lab blindly; it might lower one¡¯s efficiency. But still it¡¯s better than not staying up at night. Night is good time to concentrate because one can be free from other people¡¯s call and other interruptions. Plus at night, one can brace oneself up as a scientist, or is it not?

I want to say something to young lads; don¡¯t dream to be a scientist if you want to get rich. Even if you become a renowned scientist, you won¡¯t earn enough to get on the first seat of plane. And you can¡¯t spend your research funds like your own. But if you have an intention of living an upright life, you¡¯ll be happy as a scientist.

Every field has funniness. I wanted to acquaint people with science by providing the science humors. Additionally with the humors, I intended to encourage students to become scientists. I chose to draw cartoon conveying the humors.