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Memory Booster of Regional Anatomy (Head chapter with surface models)

3D PDF (Pallidothalamic tracts) (2018)

3D PDF (Dog ear) (2018)

Setup Browsing software (Dog ear) (2018)

Browsing_Software ver 2.0 (face peeled images) install version (October 2018)

Browsing_Software ver 2.0 (face peeled images) PDF version (October 2018)

        Face peeled images (2017)

Browsing software

        Male (335 MB), (2003 - 2012)

        Head (92.5 MB), (2006 - )

        Head - ear (250 MB), (2011);   Images and movies of ear (2011)

        Head - Orthognathic surgery (95 MB)

        Female pelvis (129 MB), (2007 -)

        Female  (970 MB, reduced data for on-line), (2010 -)

        Dog (199 MB), (2014)

        Dissected and flexed knee (70 MB)

        Browsing software (Male whole body, female whole body, male head, female pelvis) (ver. 2) (813 MB)

Browsing software applications for android mobile

        Head (124 MB whole data) or Head (41 MB reduced data) in Google play and Java-based source code (2014-)


Volume models (NIFTI format) in MRIcroGL

        Head real color volume model (voxel size 0.5 mm)

        Head segmented volume model (voxel size 0.5 mm)

Surface models (PDF format)

        Male (75 MB), (2003 - 2012)

        Male - Deep circumflex iliac artery (28 MB)

        Male - Dorsalis pedis flap (53 MB)

        Head (83 MB), (2006 - )

        Head - Ear (99 MB), (2011)

        Head - Orthognathic surgery (142 MB)

        Head - Soft palate by Ambre Simon (28 MB)

        Head - Oculomotor, trochlear, and anducens nerves (261 MB), (2014)

        Head - Triangles around cavernous sinus.pdf (zip compression, 228 MB), (2015)

        Female (229 MB), (2010 -)

        Female pelvis (20 MB), (2007 -)

        Female - Heart (45 MB)

        Dog (280 MB), (2014)



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Mirror site of whole data in this site;


Anatomy Cartoon


- Writer: Prof. Min Suk Chung of Ajou University

- غ нȭ, غ нȭ.doc

- ϱ

- ض ϱ (غ ȭ) (1-5051-100101-150151-200201-250251-300301-350351-400401-450451-500501-550551-600601-650651-700701-750751-800801-850,851-900901-)

- ض  ϱ (غ ȭ) (DOCX file) (219 MB)


Dr. Anatophil (Anatomy comic strips) (0-100101-200201-300301-400401-500501-600601-700701-800801-900901-1000)

Dr. Scifun (Science comic strips) (1-100101-200201-300301-400401-443)

Dr. Anatophil (Anatomy comic strips), Dr. Scifun (Science comic strips) (DOCX file) (262MB)

Dr. Anatophil (Anatomy comic strips), Dr. Scifun (Science comic strips) (PDF file) (264MB)


Comic book (Introduction)

Comic book (Amazon)





Memory Booster of Basic Anatomy (webpage)


Gross anatomy - Introduction


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